Week 14: Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas time! This is one of my favorite holidays during the coarse of the year. Not only do I enjoy the presents, but the family time. I also like the atmosphere of everything during this time of year. Cold outside but nice and warm inside. Warm fires and beautiful lights. Advertisements

Week 12: Driving Simulator

The police do a lot with simulators for training up and coming officers. One of their simulators are for driving. This driving simulator is used to have police officers train in real life scenarios, but with a video game. I myself have tried it and it is very difficult.

Week 11: Pray for Paris

This week has been a very sad one. There were multiple terrorist attacks by ISIS on Paris. Over 100 victims were killed, and many more wounded. With all that has been going on, its amazing to see how much support Paris has gotten through this tragedy.

Week 10: Veterans Day

Just yesterday was veterans day and I would like to dedicate this post to them. They’ve sacrificed a lot for this country and some of them have even given the ultimate sacrifice, there life. I’d like to thank both my grandfathers for their service in the Air Force and Navy.

Week 9: October

Its time for Halloween! To be honest Im not a huge fan of the actual holiday but I like the fall weather. Not too hot, not too cold but  a nice breeze. It’s also fun to carve pumpkins! Although mine dont come out as good as the picture in my post, they are still fun … More Week 9: October